Hi, I'm Allyson

I like numbers, people and puzzles.

My career is the aggregation of these interests: a quest to emperically test the world around me and contribute to positive change along the way.

After completing a Master's degree in epidemiology, I began my career in global health, where I had the opportunity to work with national governments in a range of countries, as well as global stakeholders, to solve challenges related to health economics, data use, and sustainability. This role allowed me to see the world "up close", not only to visit new places but to work with local change-makers and help solve some of the most interesting and complex challenges that national governments and businesses face. In my free time, I began learning the art of programming. Hungry for an opportunity to further develop my skills, I accepted a role in data analytics that has allowed me to expand my expertise in working with big data, creating dynamic solutions that are responsive to user needs and learn new programming languages that have helped crystalize my understanding of how information storage, sharing and translation impact the way we communicate.

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the democratization of knowledge, the role of accountability in governance, and how to decrease my average time-per-mile in long distance runs. If my interests seem broad or varied, it's because I'm an avid believer in the value of inter-domain analogies as the foundation for creativity; I'm always looking for new puzzles that challenge me to see things in a new perspective. In fact, I've made such a puzzle for you, on this page! (Here's a hint: Of the five colored puzzle pieces on this page, only one is the right key for the puzzle piece outline above. And, like all good keys, it will lead you somewhere new!)

You can use this site to learn a little bit about me and the work that I do.
You can use the social media buttons at the bottom of the page to get in touch with me.

What I'm doing:

Gun Violence DataBase* (Zerodays.live)

*This site is currently down for maitenance.

A dynamic flask app tracking incidence of gun violence across US cities.

Patrick for ANC (PatrickForANC.com)

A campaign website for a local candidate.

Senior Data Analyst (BlueLabs Analytics)

What I've done:

PPM Podcast

A mini-series featuring voices from global experts on the role of strategic purchasing in primary health care improvement.

Measuring What Matters

Case studies from five countries on data innovations in primary health care.

Translating Data Into Improvement

A practical guide to address common measurement challenges faced by countries to support their collection of more useful data on PHC system performance.
You can view the source code for this website, and other projects, on GitHub.